Updates on August 4, 2020

Hi there. Here’s what’s updated in HubUX this week:

New: Identify & Terminate Risky Respondents. 

Through an integration with SampleChain‘s API, we are now terminating “high,” “medium” threat potential respondents.

  • Quality: Boost your quality metrics with a better sense of your traffic.
  • Efficiency: Increase your conversion rates and EPCs with successful transactions.
  • Experience: Enhance your respondents’ experience by understanding the real-time landscape.

This is one of a two part sample quality initiative we are rolling out in August. 

New: Screener, Show If Settings.

Ability to show elements based on the previous elements.

New, Calendar Invites.

Qualified respondents are now invited to studies via a native calendar invite.

New: Calendar, Smart Meeting Links.

Calendar meeting links now redirect to the meeting link upon the scheduled time. Prior to that, participants will go to a holding page. This prevents event camping of your session. 

Holding Page:

New: Exit Links with Dynamic Variables.

Dynamic variables can now be specified in study settings.

New: Bugs.

– Fixed a bug where options in a screener would sometimes be too wide.