Understand More About Your Panelist With These New Updates – 6/17/2021

1. Most Recent Rating
As discussed on Monday, we want to see the most recent rating (1-5) of a panelist. This now shows up under “Your Pane
l”. If it shows “?”, no rating h

as been given.


2. Completed Studies
As you can see above, the amount of studies any panelist has completed is now part of the table, and of exports.
3. New Characteristics
These now all show up in the panelist table and the exports:
– Source
– Address (U.S)
– Currency (EU)
– Phone number
4. Misc
– When filtering, past projects are now sorted by date
– Decipher integration is now done, so you automatically can mark a panelist as completed after filling out a Decipher survey, by using an exit link
– Further improved speed of exports
– Bug fixes