Send bonus points to your panelists; automated email attachments & more! – 10/24/2022

Our newest product update includes:

Panelists Bonus Points

New Participant Filtering

Automated Emails Attachments

Panelist Bonus Points

Similar to the “Participants” page, you can now give bonus points to panelists.

You can send bonus points by selecting, “Give points” in the panelist’s profile on the “Your Panel” page.

Save “My Filters” on Participants Page

Participant filters can now be saved to either “Shared filters” or “My filters.”

“Shared filters” operate the way they always have, and the addition of “My filters” allows per-user filters saved to browser storage.

Attachments for Automated Emails

Attach up to 20 MB of files to any automated email to send worksheets, instructions, or any other documentation for your participants as they move through your project.

Response Validation for Number Answers

For Number answers, on both screener elements and Characteristics, you can now set minimum and/or maximum values.

Additional Updates

  • Most participants’ full names and contact information will now appear in the answers popup on the Participants page.
  • Interview durations and breaks are no longer set at the project level; they can now be configured per availability slot.
  • Filters applied on the Participants page are now saved in browser storage and will be reapplied when navigating back to the Participants page, reloading the browser, or even if the browser is closed and reopened. This setting can be cleared with the “Clear Filters” button.
  • Respondents who decline an invitation to an interview or focus group will receive a cancellation notice and be able to reschedule using the original, “Let’s schedule a time” email. This will free up their place for another respondent and prevent an interviewer from attending a meeting that had been declined by the interviewee. The meeting will be canceled if the respondent is the last participant in a focus group.