Recruiting is Now Even More Simple & Precise With These New Updates – 6/22/21

1. Simplified recruiting flow
HubUX no longer assumes you’re using a screener for each project, and now works really smoothly without one. So if you need to recruit someone just to schedule an interview, the panelist will no longer see a screener, they’ll be taken directly to scheduling.
2. More precise recruiting with unknown values
We now prevent emails from going out to any panelist who’s answer to a panel characteristic is “Unknown”. So if you want to recruit only people from Germany, then the people whose country is unknown will not get an email. Only those with the value set to Germany will.
3. All the info in your exports
At the completion of a project, when you want to export a CSV for incentive management, we now include all panelist characteristics in the export (including all Address lines for your U.S panel).
(Also, our incentive provider has support for 43 countries, more info here.)
4. Past Participation in Profile
You can now see a panelists projects they’ve been invited to, and participated in, right on their profile:
5. Last Rating in Profile
Click a profile to see that person’s “Most Recent Rating” in the sidebar:
6. Misc and bug fixes
– Project > Participants: Clearer labeling of the status of each participant (Invited, Scheduled, etc).
– Project > Participants: Don’t show the “Review” button for projects that auto-approve.
– New “is not” operator for filtering past participation
– Other smaller bug fixes