Managing Your Projects Just Got Easier With These New Updates – 11/2/21

Ready to kick off the week with exciting updates?

Our newest product update includes:

  • Recruit Round KPIs
  • Screener Builder Redesign
  • Third Party Survey Platforms Integration

We will be discussing the updates on Wednesday, November 3 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT in our webinar.

Recruit Round KPIs

You now have the ability to track the below in each recruiting Round.

  • Invites Sent
  • Opened Email
  • Started Screener
  • Completed
  • Needs Review (if applicable)

Screener Builder Redesign

The screener builder has been updated to modernize the UI and improve usability. Advanced options including question labels, response validation, and rules (formerly “conditions”) are hidden when not in use. Typography, icons, and color schemes have been updated as well.

Deleting Availability Slots and Focus Groups Safely

When deleting interview or focus group availability slots in Configure, we will now notify you if participants have signed up for the slots you are deleting and give you options on what to do:

  • Delete the available slots, but keep scheduled meetings
  • Delete the slots and scheduled meetings and notify the participants
  • Delete the slots and scheduled meetings and give the participants the option to reschedule

Panel Health Report

Panel Customers: We have added a new Panel Health view to the Panel report, summarizing key panel health data over time. On the right of the report, you will be able to locate the:

  • Total Panelists
  • Active Panelists
  • Total Subscribed
  • Total Unsubscribed
  • Total Blacklisted

Screener and Portal Localization

We have added support for localization on the screener and portal pages. Translation files can now be created and users will be shown the best translation available based on their browser settings. If the user’s preferred locale doesn’t have translation data, all text will default back to English.

(Screenshot taken from a demo using fake translation data; real translations to come.)

Third-Party Survey Platforms Integration

There is a new option in Configure for Survey type projects that can be enabled when using a 3rd party survey platform with our Inbound Exit Links or API. The option ensures respondent statuses are displayed correctly in the Recruit and Participant views. You can default this setting to always on in Workspace Settings.