New Advanced Filtering With More Options on Your Panel – 6/24/21

1. Way better filtering
At last, powerful filtering is available directly where you recruit for a study (highlighted in green):
This was previously only available on the panelist table (“Your Panel”). This should make it way easier to recruit from your panel:
1. Create a new project
2. Add some availability slots and your exit link
3. Set the project to auto-approval
4. Go to Recruit > Your Panel and add some filters
5. Set the project live
When the project is completed, panelists can be rated and paid directly via the platform. Their participation history is automatically tracked (and filterable in subsequent projects).
2. New date question type
You can now add screener questions that use a “Date” question type:
3. Better error messages for deleted projects
This would previously show “500 Server Error”:

4. Lots of bug fixes
We’re switching over more of our time to preventing bugs and monitoring performance.