Manually schedule participants with our new scheduling feature! – 6/7/2022

Our newest product update includes:

  • Manually schedule participants
  • New screener logic
  • Project navigation changes

Manual Scheduling for Focus Group Participants

There’s a new option in Project Settings for focus groups:


“Participants” is the default flow, which asks participants to choose a time.

The new option, “Your team,” allows you to schedule (and re-schedule) people in focus group slots from the Participants view.

New event invitations will be sent out automatically as needed. This is also supported as a bulk action.


Use Answers from Previous Question

We have added the ability to use answers from earlier questions in a later question.

Users can also add conditions around which answers appear.

For example, a question could ask which products a participants uses and a follow-up grid question could ask the participant to rate each product they use.


Smart Email Senders

Previously, if you used a custom domain for sending emails from HubUX, your “reply to” address would always be used as the sender (”from” address).

While this worked great for addresses that belonged to your domain, it could cause other addresses to be flagged as malicious by some email clients.

Now, we’ll always send from your domain, while ensuring other addresses still receive replies when you want them to:

In addition, we’ll now include your tenant’s name alongside the email you use, so recipients aways receive branded communications in their inboxes.


Project Navigation Changes

We’ve updated the tabs in your Project to better fit most users’ workflows.

Note that Reminders, Communication, and Overview are now off to the right: