Introducing our new grid question format, screener preview and more! – 11/30/21

Our newest product update includes:

  • New Screener Preview
  • New Grid Question Styling
  • Updated Participant View

We will be discussing the updates on Wednesday, December 1 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT in our webinar!

Updated Screener Preview

For projects in the Draft state, previewing the screener now allows skipping to any question.

Updated Grid Question Styling

We’ve given our grid questions a facelift with new Computer and Mobile styles to make things easier and faster for our participants.

Participants View

We’ve changed the way answers to Grid questions are displayed in the Participants table to make it cleaner. Previously each row of a Grid question was shown as a separate column.

Now all selected Grid options are displayed in the same column. If all the answers will not fit on two lines, you can click the cell to open the review modal with full answer details.

“Other” Answer Options

For multi-select questions we now give you the option to quickly add “None of the above,” “All of the above,” or “Other,” as an answer option. These options will always appear at the bottom of the answer list in screeners.

We also ensured “Other” answer options on all question types always show as the last options in screeners, even when the “Present in random order” option is selected.


Our Configure view now shows the required fields for each project type.

Focus Group Re-scheduling

You can now change a Focus Group date or time after participants are scheduled. You will be notified how many participants are currently scheduled and, after confirmation, all participants will be notified of the new date/time.

Bugs and Other

  • Fixed issue where Survey projects with auto-approve did not show the correct quota text on screener completion.
  • Fixed issue where our Respondent API returned an error when a respondent did not have a panelist.
  • Fixed issue where the Panelist report showed an error when there was no data.
  • Fixed issue where having two consecutive video questions did not save the second video correctly.
  • Fixed issue where survey dropdown selects were not working.
  • Fixed issue where “Available Studies” in the Participant Portal was showing duplicate projects to HubUX panelists.
  • Added tooltips to the Overview page to explain how certain statistics are calculated.
  • Added Spanish translation to screener exit page for terminations.
  • Added confirmation prompt to starting and resuming recruit rounds.
  • Improved the robustness of our screener to greatly reduce the likelihood of participants seeing errors on screener completion.
  • Fixed issue where users can schedule an Interview availability slot with an end time before the start time.
  • Fixed issue where the onboarding product tour would refer to a button that wasn’t visible.
  • Fixed misc alignment and scroll issues on Configure.