Introducing a new screener builder feature, panel filters & more! – 5/9/2022

Our newest product update includes:

  • New response validation options
  • Optional recruit reminders
  • Saving panel filters

We will be discussing the updates on Thursday, May 31 from 10:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. PT in our webinar!

New Response Validation Options

We have added extra response validation options, which give you more control over how many answers to a multi-choice question you want the respondent to select.

Previously you could only specify “Select exactly,” but now you can use “Select at least” and “Select at most.”

Optional Recruit Reminders

Your Panel and List Import recruits used to send reminders to panelists who did not take the screener.

They received reminders 24 and 48 hours after receiving the initial email.

Given client feedback, we have now made this optional when creating one of these recruits.

Panelist Past Participation

In the Panelist modal we have added more detailed information on past studies the panelist has participated in including their current status in each of those studies.

Saving Panel Filters

We have added the ability to save a set of filters on the Panelist tables for later use. This feature is useful for creating sub-groups of panelists.

Press Return to Add Options

For all question types with user-entered answers you can press return to quickly add responses.

In grid questions, multiline entry for row text is still supported with shift+return.

This also adds auto-focusing of the input text box if users manually click “add option/row/column.”

Grid Question Headers

Grid question column headers now stay fixed at the top of the screen when scrolling down on long grid questions, providing easy reference for respondents.

Allow Markdown in Answers

Markdown (to bold, italicize, add links etc.) can now be used in answer text as well as question text.