International incentives, additional round KPIs, and more! – 2/8/2022

Our newest product update includes:

  • Internation incentives
  • Fraud prevention
  • Recruiting rounds KPIs

We will be discussing the updates on Thursday, February 10 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT in our webinar!

International Incentives

We have added support for incentive redemption in six new countries: Canada, France, Germany, Spain, UK and Australia.

Now panelists from these countries can take studies on our platform, see their points balance in their local currency and choose gift cards and rewards redeemable in their country.

Rules for Grid Question Results

Question rules can now use responses from grid questions.

For example, a grid of favorite movie genres can be used to skip followup questions for people who don’t like romantic comedies.

Or multiple rules can be used to target participants with high end consoles and PCs but who don’t play games on their phone.


Updates to Recruiting Round KPIs

Recruiting round KPIs now appear on all recruiting round types and include Goal Progress, a count of participants against the goal for the recruiting round.

Costs for the recruiting round are included as well for tenants using pre-pay.


Drag-and-drop File Upload

Users now have the option to click to upload an email list or drag-and-drop when recruiting through List Import.

Panelist View

We’ve made a number of improvements to our Panelist views in Projects → Recruit → Your Panel and Your Panel → Panelists:

  • Greatly increased execution time when using the “Past Participation” filter.
  • Added ability to search options in the drop down menus when filtering.
  • Deleting filters will auto-refresh the table.
  • Disabled the “Apply Filters” button when user input is missing.
  • Added a loading indicator when filters are being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where some data was stagnant when moving between results pages.
  • Fixed a bug where using “Is Not” with “Past Participation” did not give correct results.

Added a Search bar to allow users to search for panelists on name, email or ID.

Users can search for multiple names/emails/ids at once by separating them with a space e.g. “”

Search also works with partial matches e.g. “fox@ squirrel@” would return the same email addresses as the previous example.


Advanced Configuration

Advanced project setup options are now hidden by default.


Updates to Participant Portal

Fixed some issues with display of Completed Studies in the participant portal:

  • Fix points display for older studies, which were blank.
  • Renamed “Reward” column to “Status” to better reflect its content.
  • Studies where the panelist was Termed or Over-Quota will appear in “Completed Studies” in the Portal with status of “Not qualified.” Previously they did not appear.
  • When a study is marked “Complete” by a user, all “Pending” statuses in “Completed Studies” will change to “Not qualified.”

“Last Completed Screener” on Panelists page

Added tracking of “last completed screener” for panelists. This displays the study name and date of screener completion for the panelist, regardless of exit status.

Fraud Prevention

Payouts to participants can now be delayed to prevent fraud. By default, incentives will be paid 14 days after the recruiting round was funded, allowing time for transaction verification. Admins can change or eliminate this delay for individual tenants.

Bugs and other

  • Added “no results” screen when there are no matches in the projects filter.
  • Added Intercom events to track app user signups and project completion.
  • Respondent API: When we receive an API call to mark a respondent as complete and Term/Over-quota, we were not updating the respondents master status. This is now fixed and these respondents will no longer appear in the “Completed Survey” tab of the Participants table for Survey projects.
  • Participant export: removed unnecessary data (ip address, browser, device type), formatted dates/times in a more readable format and fixed a bug where an unnamed segment would break the export.
  • Respondents visiting a screener link they have already taken will now be redirected to the relevant exit links instead of being shown the “Screener Already taken” screen.
  • Added help tooltip for “goal” on recruiting round setup.
  • Fixed bug with date display on Panelists table.
  • Improved input validation throughout the app.
  • Added option for users to request panel setup via Intercom.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to change default incentive type on live projects.