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How Your Local Grocery Store is Keeping us Connected and Improving our Mental Health

HubUX did some research to help marketers understand consumer grocery shopping habits.

On January 3 2022, HubUX launched a quantitative and qualitative study among our panel with the main focus on uncovering how grocery shopping preferences have changed pre and post covid.

Why do we care about this topic? Because late last year the BBC released a story titled, “How the corona virus is changing grocery shopping.” They sighted several statistics like “food delivery,” search frequency pointing to a future where consumers are not going to shop in-person.

To this, I call bullshit.

The participants were recruited through our panel and vetted via a video audition question. The panel was originally sourced through social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

All research was handled internally by HubUX.

Headline 1: Today, People Still Use In-Person Grocery Stores more often than digital options. 

Based on our research, all consumers more frequently visit their local grocery store versus online alternatives.

The average person shops for groceries 6 times per month.

When I first saw this, I was a little surprised because this stated frequency is the same as what was reported pre covid according to Satistica. You can find a link to that report in the show notes.

But after talking to a few participants, the usual shopper plans a weekly trip and then supplements based on running out of supplies like spices, dry goods, and proteins.

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Headline 2: Younger Shoppers Are Looking For Deals

In fact, nearly half of all shoppers go out of their way to check the clearance area wherever they grocery shop. They look for deals on meat, fish, chicken, and dry goods.

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However, age does play a big part in interest in clearance items.

About 40% of shoppers between 40-59 check for deals while nearly 60% of 18-39 year-olds check their clearance area when they shop.

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Why? Because of the relationship between age, income, and the need for convenience. If you’re a 30–49 year-old, you probably have kids…and kids can make you shift your priorities from profits to convenience.

A big shout out to Anna on TikTok for bringing this insight to life.

Follow her at @mkoanna for a daily dose of hilarity.

Headline 3: What is the preferred location to shop for groceries?

As you have likely predicted, it is in-person.

But I bet you didn’t realize amidst a world that is becoming more and more digital, only 6% of people stated they prefer online shopping over local shopping. And only 22% of shoppers prefer delivery or curbside pickup over in-person. That means nearly 3 in 4 of us want to walk into the local grocery store and get our shopping on.

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Because we like the personal interaction and ability to pick out their own meat and produce. We are concerned that personal shoppers won’t take the same care when selecting produce. Additionally, we actually like to ask questions of our grocers.


When it comes to food, most of us want to shop in person despite fears around health and safety. Additionally, there is a positive experience of discoverability and interaction that grocery stores enable which simply isn’t being replicated by digital shopping.

In a world of fear and isolation, your local grocery store is neutral territory. It is where we can get sustenance for your body and your soul.

Have a great day and happy researching!