How to distribute incentives

HubUX makes it easy for you to handle the coordination with your participants. Follow the steps below to distribute incentives.

To create a project:

  1. Load your HubUX project’s page
  2. Select project
  3. Configure 
  4. Participants

1. Load your HubUX project’s page

To start incentivizing your participants, load your HubUX project’s page by logging in or selecting Projects at the top left of the website

2. Select project


Follow by selecting the project you wish to view.

For this example, we will be selecting Grocery Shopping Market Research Study.

3. Configure

Navigate to the Configure tab and confirm the desired incentive amount.

4. Participants

You are now ready to send incentives.

Follow by selecting the Participants tab and deselecting Needs review.

This will allow you to only view participants who were invited to the study.

  1. Rate the participant based on your experience:
    • No Show
    • Bad
    • Normal 
    • Good 
    • Wonderful
  2. Once you rate a participant, a Pay button will appear. Select Pay.
  3. Confirm by selecting Pay at the pop-up window.
    • Once confirmed, the incentive will automatically be emailed to the participant. 

Congratulations! You successfully distributed an incentive.