How to create a project

HubUX makes it easy for you to handle the coordination with your participants. Follow the steps below to get started on creating a project.

To create a project:

  1. Create a project
  2. Add project details
  3. Create a screener
  4. Overview
  5. Launch

1. Create a project

To start a new project, sign in to your HubUX account. You will then be redirected to the HubUX dashboard, which will display all current projects created by you or a team member.

To create a project, click on New Project on the top right corner of the page. 

2. Add project details

You will be redirected to where you will be able to enter your project details for a single session study, such as:

  1. Name 
    • Specify the name of your project. The name will appear on the project file on the HubUX dashboard and the calendar invites that will be sent to participants.
  2. When
    • Specify the date and time of your study. 
  3. Participants
    • Goal: Specify how many participants you need for project completion.
    • Incentive: Specify the dollar amount a participant will receive for participating. 
  4. Team Members
    • Add the emails of your team members that correlate to this study, including your client, moderator, and internal team member, if needed.

Note: A single session study is where your study takes place at one time and day with all qualified participants. 

Once you have added the required information, click on Next on the bottom right of the page.

3. Create a screener

Once you have saved the information on the Details tab, you will be directed to the Screeners tab.

In the Screeners tab, you have the ability to create your project’s screener. Move forward by adding your screener details, such as:

  1. Screener title
    • What is the title of your screener? 
      • For this example, we typed, “Market Research Study – June 3, 2020,” as the screener title.
  2. Welcome text
    • Insert a welcome text for your respondent. Here is an example:
      • You are invited to potentially participate in a market research study. We have just a few questions to ensure that you qualify to take part in our study. Please be assured my questions are for research purposes only and should take about five minutes of your time. If you are invited to the market research study and fully participate, you will earn a $50 eGiftCard. Thank you very much for your time and support. Please start with the survey.
  3. Question
    • Step 1: Enter your question.
    • Step 2: Select if your question has single choices or multi-choice answers.
    • Step 3: Enter your answers.
    • Step 4: Enter your Quota or select Term, if it applies to your answer choice. Leave the Quota and Term as is if it is not needed for your answer choice. 
    • Step 5: To add another question, select Add Element Below. To delete a question that was created, select the trash icon on the right. 
  4. Continue
    • Once your screener is complete, click on Next on the bottom right of the page.

4. Overview

Congratulations, you have added your project details and created a screener.

At this moment, review the information you previously added to your project. If an edit needs to be made, simply select Back on the bottom right of the page until you reach your desired page. 

Create the edit and save the new edits by selecting Next on the bottom right of the page. 

Once you finalize your project, select Launch on the bottom right of the page.

5. Launch

You are now ready to distribute your screener.

To distribute your screener, select the clipboard icon to the right of the screener link, and add paste it to your desired recruiting platform. 

And it’s as simple as that. You just completed creating your project.

To access your dashboard, select Back to Projects; and to access your project, select Manage Study.