Have More Control Over Your Panel With These New Updates – 7/1/21

1. Real-time monitoring
The real-time system monitoring we installed has already identified and prevented two issues before they impacted any customer or customer data. We’ll continue to focus on data integrity and test automation going forward.
2. New filter: Days since last study
As I shared with Robin already, you can now easily filter out participants who’ve recently been part of a study:

3. Exclusive answers
When creating multi-choice questions, sometimes you need a special choice at the end, like “None of the above”. That’s now easy with the new “Exclusive” option. Just add an answer, make it Exclusive, and HubUX won’t allow other options to be selected while that one is active.
4. Improvements to points system
We continue to make substantial improvements to the points & rewards system on the platform. Let us know if you’d like a demo.
5. Almost done: A major update to recruiting
Remember that prototype we shared that showed how you can manually select who you want to invite, after filtering your panel? Well, that’s almost done. It represents a major milestone in recruiting simplicity for HubUX and a big refactor of how we do things, with major inspirations taken from your workflow.