Creating grid questions just got easier with our new editor – 12/13/21

Our newest product update includes:

  • Round Tracking for Participants
  • Shortened Screener Links 
  • Grid Question Editor

We will be discussing the updates on Wednesday, December 15 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT in our webinar!

Round Tracking for Participants

The Participants page now displays the recruit round participants used to take the screener for Web Link and List Import rounds, which means that all recruit types are tracked going forward.

Shortened Screener Links for Recruit Rounds

Recruit round screener links have been shortened.

Existing long screener links are still supported but may not include Round information for participants. All new links will show the recruit round in the participants view.

Grid Question Editor


The grid question editor has been redesigned and includes several new features. The editor displays in a table and adds support for terminations and quotas at the individual response level.

Terminations can optionally be applied to an entire column for simplicity

Bugs and Other

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent mouse interactions with date questions in surveys.