Billing History Tracking, New Screener Builder Features & More! – 3/28/2022

Our newest product update includes:

  • Billing history tracking
  • Bulk screener creation
  • Participant tabel management
Billing History

A new top-level menu item has been created for Billing History, allowing users to see their costs by project and recruiting round.

The list can be filtered by date, along with quick options to see today, the current month, and the previous month of billing data.

Data is loaded as needed and the table supports infinite scroll until the end of the list of projects.

Payment options can be managed from this screen, as well as an option to download a CSV of all the data.

Bulk Create Screener Responses

It’s now possible to bulk create answers in screeners by pasting from any source.

Simply copy your answer options from the original screener document such as a Word Document or an Excel, then paste the responses into the answer option area in the HubUX screener builder.

Duplicating Screener Questions

We have added the ability to duplicate individual screener questions. This is very useful if you are programming a screener with many similar questions.

Participants Table – Selectable Columns

We now hide participants’ answers to screener questions by default in the Participants table.

For long screeners, showing tens of columns was slowing the table down and provided too much information. Users can now select which columns they would like to see in the table. All columns can still be seen in the participant export.

Additionally, we have increased the number of rows in the Participants table from 10 to 30.