Add participant notes to your project; remove and block panelists & more! – 11/28/2022

Our newest product update includes:

Project Participant Notes

Randomize “Your Panel” Recruits

Delete and Block Panelists

Project-Level Participant Notes

Previously, you could capture notes on panelists that would be accessible in all projects.

We’ve now added a second set of notes that are just for that project, so you can keep better track of interactions and progress throughout your project’s workflow.

Randomize “Your Panel” Recruits

We’ve added a feature so you can randomize panelists in “Your Panel” recruit to ensure your panel is not being over-utilized or under-utilized.

Filtering Open-Ended Characteristics in “Your Panel”

You can now filter with “is” and “contains” operators on panelists’ responses to your open-ended characteristics.

Tip: Use with a ZIP code or phone number characteristic to filter by prefix or area code.

Delete and Block Panelists

You can now remove panelists from your panel, with an option to block them forever.