A new question type, customizable recruiting email invites & more! – 8/4/2022

Our newest product update includes:

  1. New Question Type
  2. Note Taking Ability
  3. Customized Recruit Invites

We will be discussing the newest HubUX updates and, “How to thrive during an unstable job market,” on Wednesday, August 17 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT in our webinar!

New Files Question Type

With this new question type, your respondents are able to upload files when taking a screener survey.

They have the ability to upload signed NDAs, photos, videos, and more.

Keep Notes on Panelists

You can now take notes on panelists — on both Your Panel and HubUX’s — which are visible to your team on the Your Panel page, and in each project’s Participants table.

Customized Invitation Emails for Your Panel Recruiting Rounds

It use to be the case that study email invitations would always use the standard template when recruiting via Your Panel, but now the reply-to, subject, message, and button text can be customized.

This applies whether using custom Mailgun templates or for the default HubUX style.

Custom email invites can also be saved as or loaded from templates.

Set Recruit Sources & Source Groups with Inbound Links or API Calls

For our advanced users tracking respondent recruitment sources and source groups — it’s been possible to set those source data through query parameters appended to screener links.

Now, we’ve expanded support to allow query parameters on Inbound Exit Links, and in the body of requests to the API’s Mark Study Complete for Respondent endpoint, so source data can be updated later in the participant lifecycle.

Interested in using the HubUX API? Send us a message in the in-app support chat, and we’ll get you set up.