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Welcome to HubUX, the most comprehensive and easiest to use community tool ever made. Whether you’re just starting a community with 100 participants or if you currently have a million in your panel, HubUX’s community management system can scale according to your needs.

HubUX supports both qualitative and quantitative workflows

Pre-segment your panel

Enter moderator’s availability

Choose your survey or video tool

A Fully White-Labeled Solution

HubUX is a fully white-labeled solution that allows you to be in control of your participant’s experience. We provide your participants with their own portal in which they can keep track of past participation, view upcoming studies, and redeem incentives.

“HubUX’s screener builder is the best qualitative screener builder in the market. Their video audition question type helps provides us peace of mind that participants are articulative before scheduling them.”

“A super easy to use participant and project management tool”

Cut 80% of the time out of your Research Operations.

HubUX just isn’t a house for your panel or customer advisory board, it’s a compound full of tools that will accelerate your research and make your life a lot easier.

With HubUX, you can build out your screener with our DIY screener builder, screen participants with video auditions, automate scheduling, calendar invites, and reminders, distribute incentives, and more!

What makes HubUX so special?

DIY Screener Builder

The best qualitative screener builder in the market. Supports over a dozen question types and complex logic.

Video Auditions

Require participants to record short videos of themselves answering articulation questions.

Custom Panel Characteristics

Save characteristics on your panelist and eliminate asking redundant screener questions (e.g. age).

Automated Scheduling

Supports automated scheduling, calendar invites, and reminders for Interviews and Focus Groups.

Multi-Source Projects

Recruit from your panel, HubUX's panel, and other sample sources, all in the same project.

Inentive Management

We make incentive management easy with our cash (visa gift card) or point-based incentive program.

Our Team

Eric Santos

Previous CEO of Benchmark Intelligence. Built & grew sales team.

Raised funding from San Joaquin Capital, The Brandery & Boomtown. Former account management & sales at Decipher.

Jamin Brazil

Previous CEO of FocusVision, which worked with 75% of the Fortune 100.

Previous CEO of Decipher (Acquired By FocusVision).

Host of Happy Market Research podcast, the #1 podcast in the industry.

Chueyee Yang

Content creator & social media wizard. Runs a successful YouTube channel.

Creative Director & Show Producer at Happy Market Research Podcast.

Ken Koontz

Full stack developer with extensive experience in building and managing teams.

 Lead Developer at Bitwise, previous lead at FocusVision.

Successfully serviced in the US Navy.

Yusuf Robinson

Account Executive. A recruiting and sales specialist. 

Founder of Eminere Media, a full-service media & reputation agency.

Jonatan Littke

Product Manager. Previous Founder & CEO of Lookback 

Original Spotify Product & Engineer.

Darren Greenfield

Back-End Engineer Extraordinaire. 

Former Googler. Previous Fin-tech startup experience.


Uy Tieu

Design Wizard.

Senior Product Design Experience at Netflix.

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